Most Brides-to-be have endless haunting nightmares about their wedding dress leading up to their special day. The most common hell raisers are…

Walking down the aisle scantily clad… in your birthday suit… Cringe!!

Your dress rips and you face plant halfway down the aisle… double cringe

Your dress gets ruined by your long last aunt who had too many vinos and whilst stumbling over your dress, she spills red wine all over it! (Kill me now!)

once in your dress, you glance into the mirror and realise this isn’t your dress…you didn’t want yellow polka dots and massive eyelets carved into the dress…and what is up with the purple tie dye!

Don’t worry though…they are only nightmares…

With only 5 and a half weeks until we left for Mauritius for our idyllic beach wedding, I found myself wide awake in my dress nightmare, my designer had dropped me!!! The panic attack train bulls eyed me and no matter how many times I pinched myself I was not waking up. The bruises were real.

What to do, where to go! I had already been to every dress store possible and tried on every gown available. Although I had an absolute ball, drinking champagne and soaking up the experience, I knew then that my beach wedding dress was not going to be found in a store.

So there I am left in tears, my dreams of being Cinderella changed from the dress she wore to the ball to the soot filled raggedy Ann attire that was to be my wedding dress. A friend of mine recommended I call Meliza Mary for the Bride, and this is where Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother.

Within minutes of showing Meliza a few pictures I had in mind, she had sketched the most beautiful design. I was in awe of the fact that she had been able to design my dream dress after a brief discussion. I pinched myself again…is this really happening… ow! Yes it was!

From our first meeting Meliza made me feel excited and confident. Her enthusiasm and professional manner literally dumped all of my fears and concerns into the bin. She knew we didn’t have much time but she made me feel at ease and for the first time excited about my dress!

From there on out it was nothing short of magical! From design discussions, finding fabric, fittings, etc… What a pleasure! Filled with laughter and excitement, I soon realised that she was going to make my dream dress a reality.

The cost…the dreaded invoice…that gut wrenching feeling when you see the final figure….well I am happy to say that I do not know what that feels like ☺

From the very first meeting with Meliza she asked what my budget was and she worked within that figure at all times, even coming in below my budget, another pinch!!! There were no hidden costs whatsoever and at every meeting she would discuss where we were in terms of costs which made me feel 100% at ease.

The dream dress: now I was well aware of the fact that when I told Meliza what kind of styles I liked that I was pushing the envelope. I absolutely loved the idea of a really low back but I also loved the sweetheart front and no straps. But I heard the old saying in my head, “ you can’t have your cake and eat it too”, If I had the low back I would need to have straps to keep it from falling down and if I went for the sweetheart neckline with no straps it would have to be a higher back… How does one decide!

This Cinderella didn’t have to!!! Meliza managed to design and make a dress that combined both styles with no compromise! It seemed there was no task too big or too small for her. I was able to have my cake, eat the cake and it was delicious. Pinch – running out of skin

Wedding day: I didn’t trip!!!

I cannot explain what it felt like wearing the perfect dress. When I put it on and glanced in the mirror… I felt unbelievable, lucky to have such a beautiful dress and throughout the entire day and evening I was comfortable and could not have felt more amazing. Even with the low back, the dress didn’t gape or buckle once.

It turns out that ‘Everything happens for a reason’ has become a saying that I truly believe in. I was beyond lucky to have worn my dream dress made by a dream designer. Meliza went above and beyond every expectation at every point. Thank you for turning my nightmare into a ‘dream come true’. Triple pinch. I really need to stop doing that.


Amy Godfrey xx

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