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Dressing for your shape is so important to remember, especially if you are an apple shape. Every figure shape has a list of dos and don’ts worth considering. These guidelines could make all the difference, ensuring you look your best on your wedding day. A bride with an apple shape can sometimes find it difficult to disguise her tummy. I believe that with the correct combination of detail placement and cut, a tummy can magically disappear. No matter which style you go for, ensure the dress doesn’t hug the bottom half of your tummy area or the dress will not work at all. Here is a list of simple design elements that I recommend you try on.

Before going into the details, look at the overall shape of the dress. Here are 2 styles and cuts that can work well. Among these you can also try a fit and flair ensuring it doesn’t pull tight under the tummy.


This is the first and most basic option worth trying, especially if you have also got a wide hip. The A-line dress is one of the most flattering styles across the board as it suits most figure shapes and is a classic look. There are 2 types of A-line skirts, one that fits close to your waist and hip line. You also get a fuller skirt which starts to resemble a ball gown. Try on both options to see which you prefer.A line wedding dress

Empire line

An empire skirt avoids the waist line all together by highlighting the bust area and ribcage. This skirt shape pairs well with a peaked waist line, softening the apple shape. Ensure you make your bust area appear softer by doing a sweet heart or V-neck line. You can also do a cap sleeve or illusion neck. All of these neck lines will complement the empire skirt.

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Sheath style

The sheet is a longer version of shift dress. This is the ideal choice for a bride with a typical apple shape without a defined waist and a narrow hip line with rocking legs. The sheath style comes in a few forms, but the overall design is a top that flows down off of the bust avoiding any fit across the lower chest or waist line. This style then is either cinched in at the upper hip or flows down to the floor. a slip can be added to this style, especially if you have beautiful legs (most apple figures have amazing legs).

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Some design details to try on the apple shape

Once you have found the silhouette that suits your figure, you want to take it one step further and combine the perfect combination of design details. Here are a few options you can try.


A crisscross detail over the tummy area disguises a bump like a magical trick. It also keeps the eye travelling diagonally away from the tummy as opposed to a dress that has a focal point right in the centre. this is great for the apple shaped bride.


Although pleating is not such a prominent trend it has a way of forgiving a multitude of sins. It softens you ins and outs and smoothens the body silhouette.

pleated bodice apple shape

Peaked waist line

This detail creates height in the centre of the body and avoids drawing a horizontal line across your body. This is a lovely option to consider if you are keen on a waisted ball gown, but always find they cut your body at your widest point

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Asymmetrical frills

Frills are a playful element that you can add to a dress. They have personality so be aware that they may over power you if you do not carry them with confidence. This said, frills placed at a diagonal will not only keep they eye travelling but also create an illution. You will not be able to tell if the volume of fabric is a tummy bump or a frill. I think it is a genius idea.

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As very bride is unique, be aware that not every option I recommend will necessarily work for you. But statistically these have proven to work for the majority. So try on what grabs your attention and don’t be afraid to break the rules. Always be open minded and as objective as possible. to read more blog posts on the different figure shapes, their challenges and some helpful tips go here.

Have fun!


Meliza xx


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