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How Do I Fix This Wedding Dress Train?

So your big day has arrived and you are dressed to the nines. Your pretty and polished bridesmaids are found waiting in the flanks to ensure you look amazing at every moment and from every angle. They frolick around you, fixing your veil, faffing over the wedding dress, and then they get to your train. Here starts the awkward crouch as they do their best to keep you looking perfect while maintaining the utmost ladylike behavior possible. After all, they are your bridesmaid and are a reflection of you and your overall presence and display of bridal beauty. I bet they think to themselves “There must be an easier way for me to get this train looking great without the need for the awkward crouch position?”

fixing your train


What Made Me Decide To Share These Tips And Tricks

I recently did a presentation at a bridal fair on wedding day etiquette. One of the tips I shared was how to flick out and prepare your wedding dress train. If you don’t know how to manage your train, it can be so tricky and hard work for your bridesmaids to maintain throughout your day. So I did a step by step demonstration and the response from the crowd was that of amazement. I thought I must share this knowledge with my online followers. It doesn’t need to be an arduous task. With some helpful tips and tricks, you will be able to display your train beautifully and with ease at any given moment.

I hope you enjoy this short little video. Leave a comment below and tell me if this has helped you. For some more bridal wear advice visit my blog here.

Happy wedding day!

Meliza x

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