Allow us to take you on a journey to find the perfect bridal dress. With a personal touch and a professional eye, we will be your private stylist. Whether it is a bespoke masterpiece, an imported Meliza Mary design, or a personally selected pre-loved wedding dress, we will find the perfect look for your special day.

imported collection

To fill my ‘fairy godmother wardrobe’, we travelled the world in search of the most versatile and beautiful bridal gowns, ready and waiting to make your dreams come true.

This range has a variety of unique styles, each individually gorgeous and easily adapted to suite your personal style. When you purchase an imported gown, it is ordered specifically for you, in your size and desired colour.

These dresses range between R9000 and R28000.

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pre-loved wedding dresses

Every bride wants the best wedding dress possible, but with the cost of a modern wedding, budgets are often tight. A pre-loved dress is a wonderful compromise worth considering.

To provide my brides with gorgeous dresses at affordable prices, I have hand-selected a stunning range of pre-loved wedding dresses. These bridal gowns are all at discounted prices and look brand new.

Give them a chance and try one on. You might find yourself falling in love with it and no one will know the difference.


hire your wedding dress

We are delighted to announce this newly added service. Do you desire to wear one of our imported dresses, but need to save on the amount you spend? All our dresses are available to hire at between 50% and 65% of the purchase price.

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accessories and after care services

I believe that a bride’s look doesn’t end with the dress; accessories are essential to completing your vision. I have sourced veils, stoles and bridal jewellery to add the perfect finishing touches. We also offer affordable dress washing services and hire out veils and stoles.


Her dresses are classic and simplistically naturally beautiful. Her style is more simple but this is what makes each piece amazingly stunning.

- Tudy Rooyan